As from the very early days of operation, Sen media has constantly strived to become an outstanding brand offering our partners and customers with a good deal of core values. Up to the moment, Sen media is confident to assert our firm position in the field of public relations and communication consultation. One of the bullet points to enhance our image, together with modern facilities and equipment; experienced, dynamic and creative personnel; professional agency work culture, is a long list of reputable partners, including leading newspapers of Vietnam such as: Vietnamnet, Vnexpress, Vnmedia, Zingnews, etc. (See more at the illustration below). In addition to our successful co-operation with Senmedia, our strategic partners even introduce new customers as well as new co-operative opportunities to us. It can be no doubt that Sen media not only brings expected results for partners but also wins their trust – one important thing that not all agencies could obtain. Therefore, you can gradually raise your faith on us based on our partnership as well as our success with those partners by reference.

Even a minor crisis can destroy a major brand...
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